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To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

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Peter Doswell

peter-doswell-photoPeter Doswell was born in Southampton in 1974. Growing up was difficult. At the age of seven Peter began drawing pictures of people in the spirit world. He became very interested in the Spiritualist church at the age of 14. Peter began doing psychic readings shortly afterwards.

It was a the age of fifteen that Peter became aware of his Native Amercian Spirit guide Dancing Wolf. With the help and very careful guidance of a wonderful and special Medium Grace Murdoch, Peter began to practice Spiritual Healing. With a history of Clairvoyants and a Psychic Reader in his family, Peter believes that this path was one that he chose to follow before coming to the Earth plain.

Today Peter has thousands of repeat clients that literally span the globe. He is trusted and respected in his psychic readings as can be seen by many of the customer comments on this site.

Peter currently lives in Southampton and still regularly enjoys working in Spiritualist churches across the UK. To date, Peter has connected many thousands of people to the other world delivering messages of love and hope. He has also run development circles of his own and is happy to provide psychic reading tuition and psychic development to anyone who would like to become aware of Spirit.


If you would like to have a reading with Peter, please call 0238 0480 819



  1. Hi my name is kerry and im so interested in all this I was into tarot cards from a young age. Also I feel things too its un explainable. Hope you get back to me thanks kerry x

  2. hi am from the bahamas will i be able 2 tex a physic an get a answer plz. let me know


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