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To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: $42.99 30 mins: $61.49 45 mins: $87.49 60 Extra mins. $2 per min

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You can now experience the best in psychic reading with our very own live online psychic reading chat service. This service works similar to an instant message service and you are talking in real time to one of our live online psychic team. The live online psychic reading chat service is provided instantly in real time and it is simple to pay as you go using paypal or a credit card . The new service even works on mobile devices .

Simply register an account and top up to speak to the live online psychic reading chat team. To choose an available psychic simply look for the “chat live  “ status . This means that the particular psychic is available to take your live chat.

You may send as many messages as you want to the live online psychic . You are charged for each message you send to the psychic. Each message that you send reduces your message balance . You are able to buy these messages in bulk. Each message is priced at £2.99 

Many of our clients find this is a friendly, reliable and accurate service. It is a good idea at the beginning of your session to make sure that you have enough messages to cover the length of chat that you wish to have. There are always different psychic’s to choose from and you do not have to stick to the same person but if you wish to do so that is entirely up to you. Some people find that by sticking to the same psychic for their online psychic readings that they have a good level of continuity and that they do not have to keep repeating their story over and over again.

When your live online psychic reading has come to an end and you have ran out of messages you can simply go back to the top up page to buy more messages . You can then come straight back to your psychic reading and continue from where you left off.

Our team are all highly experienced psychic’s friendly warm and empathic to your situation. It may be that you want some advice on a love situation. You may be looking for some guidance in a career decision. You may even want to know if you are going to move home. Whatever your question our live online psychic reading chat team are here day and night to help you with a quality psychic reading. Simply click on one of the psychic reading team listed, register an account in an easy step and then top up with messages and you are set to experience the best in online psychic reading. Remember to allow enough messages to cover your questions. Each message you send to our psychic reading team reduces your message balance by one message.