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To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

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Mediumship Reading

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Mediumship Reading

A clairvoyant medium acts as the channel between the physical world and the spirit world. The aim of a medium during a clairvoyant reading is to provide you with proof and evidence that there is an afterlife and that every living soul continues to progress in the spirit world . Mediums work in many different ways as some can see spirit whilst others can hear spirit.

A good clairvoyant medium will be able to reveal certain features of the communicating spirit that can be indentified by the client such as physical descriptions passing conditions and much more . Some mediums will combine mediumship readings with a psychic reading which enables the natural flow of spirit to come in and out of the reading process.

Not all mediums have worked in a spiritualist church and increasingly many choose to work from home after perfecting their skills on a development circle. After progressing in development circles many mediums move on to what is known as an open platform in a church. This is like a fledgling evening where a developing medium gets to practice clairvoyant skills and communicating with the spirit world.

Developing a relationship with a spirit guide is key to any work that a medium carries out and when this has been achieved a medium can work with no tools at all such as tarot cards and crystal balls. Increasingly many mediums work on the telephone and text a psychic services incorporating mediumship skills.

A clairvoyant medium will not usually predict the future for you but if they are gifted in psychic reading as well then you may find a little bit of both in your reading. What you need to remember with any mediumship reading is that a good clairvoyant medium will only ever tell you what spirit show to them at the time of the reading and not what you want to hear. Spirit cannot be called up on demand like many television shows will have you believe.

Spirit will only communicate with a clairvoyant medium when they are ready to do so. The evidence given can be quite amazing as in the case of the fox sisters in hydesville where spiritualism was born. The sisters were given evidence that there was a body in the house and on excavation a body was found in the cellar.

It is therefore important to remember that when you have a reading with a clairvoyant medium that if they are being honest they will only ever give you what they receive from spirit and it can be quite surprising what spirit wish to share with us and totally different from what we expect.

Mediumship readings are the same price as our psychic reading options.

To speak to a medium now please call 0906 636 4460.

To text a medium now follow our text a psychic options.

Although similar a mediumship reading is not the same as a psychic reading.

In a psychic reading things are picked up intuitively however from a mediumship reading information is given by spirit guides.

All of our gifted readers are guided by a spirit guide, which advises our clients of information and messages from their dearly departed.

These spirits are with everyone and they are there for your own good and will never give you “bad” advice.

Unfortunately most people are unable to hear their guides but our gifted team of psychics will be able to communicate with your guides for you and pass their messages onto you.


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