British Flag PHONE: 0207 111 63 53

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: £28.99 30 mins: £42.49 45 mins: £62.49 60 mins: £82.49 Extra mins. £1.50 per min

American Flag PHONE: 1866-488-3351

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: $42.99 30 mins: $61.49 45 mins: $87.49 60 Extra mins. $2 per min

Phone Psychic Readings


0906 636 4460

£1.53 per min. 18+ Terms & Conditions apply. Service provider Inervoak

Pay by Credit Card

0207 111 63 53

20 mins: £28.99 30 mins: £42.49 45 mins: £62.49 60 mins: £82.49 Extra mins. £1.50 per min

You can now experience the warmth and personal touch reading with one of our phone psychic reading team. It is easy to have a phone psychic reading and there are different payment options. You may choose to call our premium rate number displayed on the website and pay on your phone bill. There is also the option to pay with a credit or debit card for a fixed amount of time by calling our credit card booking line. For all options please read our terms and conditions displayed across the website next to the phone numbers before calling.

Our phone psychic reading team have all been chosen by Peter personally and work from the comfort of their own homes. They are all highly skilled psychic readers and work in different ways. Some will be mediums, some
will be tarot readers, all will be naturally gifted psychic clairvoyants.

Phone psychic reading offers a one to one talk about the things that you
want to talk about. Remember that a premium rate psychic phone reading is limited to 20 minutes due to phone pay plus regulations. You must be over 18 years old and have the bill payer’s permission to call the premium rate numbers.

Some people prefer to pay for a block of time by credit or debit card. If you do this and go over your time the credit or debit card is billed at the end of your call for the extra minutes that you used the service. Phone psychic
reading is best suited to those that want to actually talk to a psychic personally. You can also ask for the phone psychic’s pin number so that if you want to talk to that phone psychic again you can dial in and just enter their pin number to be connected directly to them again. This offers continuity with the same phone psychic for you.

When you book a credit card phone psychic reading a receptionist will answer your call. Our phone lines are answered twenty four hours a day. You will be asked for your details and whether you have used the services before. You are then connected to a psychic for your psychic phone reading immediately. Once you have used our credit card phone psychic services once you only have to call in and say how long you want. Your card is then billed for the appropriate amount of time you book.

The phone psychic reading service is easy to use and is available at all times
of the day and night. We are here whenever you need us the most. Our phone psychic reading team is waiting to help you right now. The team are friendly, experienced warm and caring. If you have never used our phone psychic reading service we know that you will enjoy the experience. There is no pressure for you to stay on the phone with our phone psychic reading team . You are in control of how long your phone psychic reading lasts.

*Please see all phone psychic reading service terms and conditions


0906 636 4460*
Phone Psychic Reading

18+ UK – £1.53 per minute plus network charges


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