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Natural Magic

Natural Magic

Natural Magic is when we use natural laws to bring about positive changes. Natural magic has nothing to do with black magic or anything evil; it is about doing good things for other people and can include various forms of healing and herbalism.

Natural magic can also include things such as astrology, physics and chemistry, as these are disciplines that use natural laws to bring about certain effects. For instance, physics is the study of the universe. People are becoming increasingly aware of the power of positive thinking and manifestation. Physicists have shown that particles change their behaviour based on whether or not people were looking at them, or not. If all of the universe is made up of vibrating particles that create energy, then we can use this knowledge to manifest the things that will make us happier. Astrology uses the position of the planets to forecast future events and chemists use the periodic table of elements, which are natural substances that can be used to create compounds that can be used for various things, from medicine to electricity. Now isn’t that magic? – creating something new and useful, from things we find in the natural world.

Crystal healing is a form of natural magic, as crystals have been found to have special powers. Each crystal is thought to possess certain properties that can help with various problems from insomnia to lack of confidence. Some crystals are used for protection. White witches often use crystals in their spells.

As mentioned earlier, herbalism is considered a form of natural magic, as herbs and plants can be used to create potions that can treat various ailments. In medieval times, herbalists, astrologers and white witches were hung, as any form of magic, whether natural or not, was considered to be against God and therefore evil.

Another form of Natural magic is divination based upon natural signs. You must have heard the saying, ‘Red sky at night, sailor’s delight’. Natural magic was more popular in the olden days, when we didn’t have the meteorological technology we have today; however, these old sayings have stuck. Some people believe that if cows are lying down, then rain is imminent or if it rains on St Swithin’s day it will rain for forty more days. These are just some examples of how the natural world can be used to predict certain events. The behaviour of animals is another way of predicting certain situations, for example, birds and other animals will often flee from an area before disaster, such as an earthquake, strikes.

Natural Magic, is often known as white magic, because it isn’t concerned with causing anyone any harm and is often used for healing, simple divination or manifesting things to improve one’s life. If you wish to find out more about Natural Magic, then you may wish to read books on divination or healing. There are plenty of articles on this website, which look at several areas of natural magic , which you may find useful.

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  1. I believe natural magic is all around us and when we are out in nature you can feel it very powerfully. The air we breathe so full of life force and energy. The wondrous bounty nature provides us with for healing potions and balms. Our ancestors knew how to harvest this and so can we. There are some great books available on Herbalism. I love the old folk lore that teaches us how to read the signs of the countryside and the elements. They were often very accurate. Lovely read angelfish the old ways were often the best ways.


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