British Flag PHONE: 0207 111 63 53

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: £28.99 30 mins: £42.49 45 mins: £62.49 60 mins: £82.49 Extra mins. £1.50 per min

American Flag PHONE: 1866-488-3351

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: $42.99 30 mins: $61.49 45 mins: $87.49 60 Extra mins. $2 per min

Psychic Job Vacancies

Peter is currently hiring psychic readers.

Applicants will be very experienced in providing psychic reading to clients, helping them and providing guidance on their future.

Successful applicants will provide psychic reading sessions to clients in a number of ways.

They will work from home on a computer on the text a psychic platform. They will provide psychic reading by instant message. They will also offer psychic reading sessions on the telephone . Experience is essential and the right candidates will enjoy a very good income provided they can offer commitment.

Our psychic reading team offer quality to our clients and we really do need committed caring applicants.

A 20 minute test psychic reading process on the telephone will apply to all applicants before any decisions are made.

Application Procedure

Please send your job application with cover letter, CV and details of experience to Peter




  1. I am a reader of tarot and I am a medium, been a medium since birth as both my family are true mediums and now my children and both my granddaughters are.

    • Hi Peter I am a experience psychic I don’t know how to apply to become a psychic would use If you could please let me know what steps I have to take

  2. Good Afternoon,

    I’m interested in appying for your psychi reader position. I currently work for a line but am not earning as much as I’d like to. Before for I commit to applying with you I would like to know how much you pay per minute so I can compare it to what I get at the pmoment. I’d also like to know if I have to do a minimum amount of hours to get certain rates as I do at the company I currently work with.

    Thank you,
    Mary Cole.

  3. Hi Peter
    I am a Christian Spiritualist Telepathic Medium Empath and Soothsayer – how does one get experience??? I did not want to work for money but have been on jobseekers for a long time now and may have to consider it. I approached the SNU for insurance but they said I would have to give up my Christianity which I am not prepared to do.
    Is there any advice you can give me please.
    kind regards
    Lorraine aka Rainy

  4. Hello peter I’m very interested in becoming a psychic with your site as of rite now I am working with another psychic site but not receiving as much as I should if you can be so kind in letting me know what is the process that I would need to become hired with your site peter I’m looking very forward to be hearing from you soon


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