British Flag PHONE: 0207 111 63 53

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: £28.99 30 mins: £42.49 45 mins: £62.49 60 mins: £82.49 Extra mins. £1.50 per min

American Flag PHONE: 1866-488-3351

To Pay For A Psychic Reading By Credit Card

20 mins: $42.99 30 mins: $61.49 45 mins: $87.49 60 Extra mins. $2 per min

Text A Psychic



UK TEXT “FATE” to 82070

IRE TEXT “LOVE” to 57252

18+ Entertainment Purposes only, 85122 cost £1.50/msg. recvd, 57252 cost 2 euro ms rcvd. Replies usually 2 msgs long, to end reply stop, promo msgs may be sent c/s 0207 206 9477

Text a Psychic Service

Our text a psychic team are waiting. What questions do you have today? When you text a psychic you will receive an answer straight to your mobile phone within a few minutes of using the text a psychic service. Wherever you are, you can now have a live psychic reader with you on your mobile phone. Are you on the bus, are you at work, are you getting ready to go out and meet someone or are you just on your lunch break at work? It does not matter what time of day or night you need to talk to us. Text a psychic is available around the clock.

Text a psychic can help with all of those questions that you need an immediate answer to. Our caring, warm and sensitive team of psychic reader’s all work from their own homes and have been personally selected by Peter to join the text a psychic team.

Do you have a burning relationship question, a question about how things will go in your job or career? Text a psychic is convenient friendly and fast. When you text in your question, a psychic spends a little time focusing on your text and question. The psychic then sends you a reply telling you exactly what they are feeling or sensing about your situation. This is normally delivered back to your mobile phone within a few minutes. You are charged for each message you receive and normally this is two messages per reply. This allows the psychic more characters in which to answer your text question in more detail.

The text a psychic service is also very useful for people who do not like to talk on the phone for whatever reason. Text a psychic readings can help to give you peace of mind in a given situation. They can also help you to make better decisions. Sometimes this enables you to move on or change your life for the better. Our text a psychic team is very experienced and very friendly. They have all been chosen by Peter personally because of their skills in psychic reading. Many of the text a psychic team have been with us personally for many years. Many of them are experienced mediums, tarot readers and clairvoyants.

When you text a psychic any or all of these skills may be used when the psychic responds to you with a psychic reading. It takes many years to develop psychic reading skills and you can rest assured that all of the text a psychic team are highly experienced in what they do.

So whether you are looking for guidance in a love situation or something else remember that our caring, warm and sensitive text a psychic team are here for you at all times. Please ensure when you use the text a psychic service that you are 18 years or older and have taken the time to read all of the terms and conditions displayed across the website . We know that you will value and enjoy the text a psychic service.

Text A Psychic Advice

Texting a psychic is one of the most convenient ways to get a quick and simple answer to your questions. Texting a psychic is one of the most convenient ways to get an answer to your issues. You can text from most locations of course and some people like to ask messages when they are socialising with groups friends.

Getting a text a psychic reading may also be just the prompt you need to gain an insight into your love situation. It is of course also private and confidential so you can ask a personal question without feeling at all embarrassed. The text option is one of the most inexpensive methods to initiate a reading and it may put you mind at rest immediately about a pressing worry or concern.

People initially can feel very self conscious or nervous about using a psychic; So asking a question via text, is a great introduction to psychic readings. When they feel more comfortable the next step may be to receive a full psychic reading by phone.

Texting a psychic is the ideal service for people who require a short answer to their questions. You can ask about love, career, family, and for insights into your life and personal situation. When we are emotionally attached to a situation, it can be difficult to see a things clearly. The guidance you are given may help you make better decisions and encourage you to move forward with greater insight and self-confidence.

When you text a psychic, you will be offered a variety of different techniques to choose from, such as tarot, clairvoyance, oracles and I Ching as well as drawing upon the psychics natural gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship. Requests for dream interpretation, are also a popular reason for texting a psychic.

Contact us for more text a psychic services.

To get psychic advice by text message simply text “FATE” to 82070. 18+ Entertainment purposes only. 82070 texts cost £1.50 msg rcvd, 57252 cost 2 euro msg rcvd. Replies usually 2 msgs long, to end reply stop, promo msgs may be sent c/s 0207 206 9477


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