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UK Celebrity Psychic Medium

Peter Doswell

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About UK Celebrity Psychic Medium Peter Doswell

I have been a psychic clairvoyant medium for over 30 years and I have many clients worldwide. I have even read for many celebrities such as Relatives of Presidents, Relatives of actors, Partners of singers, Partners of UK professional footballers, Olympic medallists, and many more.

An awareness of my psychic and mediumship abilities was revealed to me as a young child. It was later, however, in my teenage years that I would go on to develop a better recognition, understanding and ability to use them. By the time my teenage years were coming to an end, the provision of psychic readings and mediumship had become a natural way of life. I have delivered tens of thousands of readings, by telephone and online, for clients, from all around the world, including numerous celebrities, and well-known figures. I have demonstrated my work on the radio, and television. I have served as a medium in spiritualist centers and churches all over my own country. I am a tarot master, and have worked in the psychic development, tuition and mentoring of many students, who have gone on to become readers themselves. I am also a published author of several books.

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