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Is My Boyfriend The One? 5 Signs

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

You have found the feel good factor. You cant stop telling everyone about him. He listens to you, he values your opinions. He is even prepared to move mountains to keep you both happy. So you ask yourself, is my boyfriend the one? Lets find out ........

is my boyfriend the one
No one has ever made you feel better. You need to know. Is my boyfriend the one?

I get asked the same question, over and over again

Everything feels so right, but is my boyfriend the one for me?

I need to know, is my boyfriend the one I will marry?

How can I be sure, I love my boyfriend but how do I know if he is the one?

What are the ways to know?

How do you know if someone is meant to be in your life?

What do you do, when you know he's the one?



Anyone who believes that during a normal loving relationship, that there are never any issues that are going to arise, are completely deluded, and living in some kind of fantasy world.

Believe me they are going to happen and when they do, you will need to be sure that if your boyfriend is the one for you, he can work through issues with you, and not have some crazy strop or tantrum.

The boyfriend who plays games and throws his dummy out of the pram whenever there are some problems, is not a very good sign, that he is, the right one for you.

To ensure that you are with the right person, it is important to see how they react to your opinions and criticisms.

One sign that your boyfriend is the one is the ability to speak your mind to him.

You will be allowed your viewpoint.

He will openly welcome dialogue with you on any issues, no matter how big or small they seem.

Setting aside this time to talk, and actually communicate together, about relationship issues, is actually quite a rare thing these days.

One client of mine recently benefited from my suggestion of a weekly session, where her and her boyfriend would sit and discuss any concerns, issues or problems, that they both felt, may have needed addressing.

You should enter this dialogue peacefully, and not with the intention of ripping into him with a baseball bat over dinner.

I do not mean that you cannot be passionate; as the boyfriend who is the one for you will always listen to your opinions and let you speak your mind.

woman speaking her mind to her boyfriend
If your boyfriend is the one, he will let you voice your opinions and speak your mind.


When you are with the one, there will be a noticeable difference to anyone else that you have ever been with previously.

It will not simply be about intimacy or booty calls., when it suits him.

He will make you feel like a queen on the throne, not a princess to lock away from the world, in some secretive location.

He will want to show you off to everyone.

He will not expect you to hide in the darkness of his shadow, and in fact will want the spotlight on you.

You will be the wind under his wing, and together the two of you will fly high.

Every little thing in the relationship will be based around you, and making you happy.

He will take great notice of all of your achievements, and will always be interested in making you feel better, and proud of everything that you do.

He will constantly be telling people how well you are doing, how much he loves you, and of course, he will be telling you, just how much pride he has in you as his girlfriend.

Not only will this pride be seen in the way he talks and acts towards you, but he will also be telling that you are good enough to do anything that you want to do.

He will provide you with the confidence in yourself to practically take on the world, with him at your side.

Nothing will be impossible with the boyfriend who is the one!

You can build dreams together, make them happen, and nothing is going to stop you both from doing so.

When your boyfriend is the one, he will be so proud of who and what you are. It is more about you!


No matter what your relationship brings to the two of you, if he is the one for you, he is going to be there through it all.

Even if you are fiercely independent, he will want you to know that he is right beside you, in all that you do.

We all have fears and insecurities due to our past experiences.

Many of you have been through relationships where affairs and cheating boyfriends have left deep emotional hurt and scars.

This often happens with a teaching soulmate connection, however this is never going to be an issue with the boyfriend who is the one for you.

Simply put he is not walking out on you.

Just like a beautiful swan, he is going to be in your life forever.

You will be the most important thing in his life, and he will want to make sure that you never feel threatened.

together forever soulmates the one for life
Is my boyfriend the one? If he is, he will be in your life forever.


The last thing you can expect from your boyfriend if he is the one, is him trying to change you in anyway.

He will not be suggesting that you need to cut your hair, or change the clothes that you wear.

This is more for the boyfriend who is actually not happy with you, or the way that you are.

He is going to love your curves, your blemishes, your warts and all.

He will be complimenting you all the time on the way that you look.

In fact he will make it clear all the time, that your bum does not look big in that, and that you are beautiful to him.

He is not going to be telling you to go to the gym to lose that weight, unless of course you tell him that you wish to have the encouragement to do so.

He is not going to take control of your finances, tell you to change your career, or make you feel that you have to change to suit him as a girlfriend.

He will accept the person you are, if he is genuinely the right one for you.

He will let you be the person that you are.

You are not a traffic light that has to change every time someone presses your button.

He will actually tell you that, he wouldn't change you for the world.

change in womans personality and looks
Is my boyfriend the one? If so, he would not change you for the world!


There is a very old saying that " you can forget what someone does or says, but you will never forget how they made you feel.

Is your boyfriend the one?

How does he make you feel about yourself and the relationship itself.

Is the relationship filled with teamwork?

Is the relationship filled with support, happiness, joy and laughter?

Is the relationship based upon communication and listening to each other?

Is the relationship one that has it's plans materialize?

Does the relationship bring you feelings of contentment, security, and trust?

Does the relationship bring you fears, sadness, or elements of controlling behavior?

Taking into consideration an honest account, of how you are actually being made to feel by someone, is often the best guide to know if someone is right for you.

Remember another old saying.

Someones actions speak much louder than the words they speak.

Do you still have questions?

Is my boyfriend the one?

You decide ........

boyfriend and girlfriend happy feelings
Is my boyfriend the one? How you feel is always the best way to know!

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