Psychic Medium or Mentally Ill ?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

You go to visit your doctor, with a general cold or virus. The doctor treating you asks you, "what do you do for a living"? You reply that you provide psychic readings by phone, and that you communicate, with the spirit world. The doctor starts looking at you strange. So are you a psychic medium, or mentally ill?

Hearing voices. Your own mental health, or messages from beyond?

You have heard the voices, you know they are there.

You may have heard them for some time.

There are those who are have become convinced they are going mad, when they are not, there are those who know they have a connection with the spirit world, and of course, there are instances, where there is a real mental health issue going on.

Religion and society can play an extremely important part, in the way mediumship is viewed. Doctor's like every other individual, have their own views, and opinions on such matters.

It is very sad, that there are many medical professionals, who will instantly label, the idea of communication with spirits, as a mental illness, or indeed. schizophrenia.