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3 Ways to Get Ripped Off With the Worst Psychic Reading

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Your love life sucks. You need some answers. You decide to seek some psychic guidance.

Here are the ways, that you are about to be ripped off by the worst psychic reading.

A genuine psychic? Fake, ripoff, scam, or charlatan?

You are desperate for some answers. Will the person you love communicate with you soon? What are their true feelings for you? Is there someone else, they are seeing? Will there be a commitment? Will you get back together?

Your mind is doing overtime. You cannot stop asking the same questions, over and over in your mind. You feel like you are going crazy. You cannot stop scrolling through their news feed, and photos on facebook, and then you see an advert.

Desperate for answers, you decide to call.

Here are the ways, that you are about to be conned, scammed, and ripped off, by the worst psychic reading.

  1. You are so desperate to tell the psychic the whole story that you get on the phone and tell them everything. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. When anybody has a psychic reading, the psychic should be giving you the information and not the other way around. Good phone psychics, will always stop you in your tracks, if you do this. If you want to give the reader any information, always leave it until the end of the reading, or for the review or testimony, that you leave.

  2. The psychic begins to talk about your emotions, rather than specific details, and genuine psychic material. A good psychic will give you names, specific dates, and information that only you will know, and be able to verify. They will be able to focus, not just on your questions, but give you accurate details from the past. They will be able to describe situations with high accuracy, around you, that you can verify. Be very wary of a psychic who says things to you like, " I can see you have been feeling low, or down recently".

  3. The psychic begins to talk to you about, dark energy, negative energy, curses, or even black magic. They play upon your fears, that you will not get what you want, because of this particular thing. It is often followed up by a promise, to lift the the energy. curse, or magic, with a spell. The psychic of course will offer to carry out the spell, often at a huge cost to the caller.

Never pay a psychic money, that promises to lift, any type of negative energy for you.

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Got a phone reading by a physic would love another one makes you feel a lot of closure to answers your looking for..

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