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Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? 6 Ways To Know

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Things do not feel the same anymore. You just get that nagging, gut feeling, that something is not right, between you. You say to your best friend, I think my boyfriend is cheating, but I have no proof. Then you ask yourself, is my boyfriend cheating on me? Lets find out .....

is my boyfriend cheating on me is he cheating or am i paranoid
Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Is he cheating or am I paranoid?

You want to know the answer, is my boyfriend cheating on me?

Other questions may well be bugging you by now.

You even want to know, how to ask your boyfriend if he is cheating on you.

By now, you have even asked your best friend, for her advice, on how to tell if your man is cheating sexually.

You even consider a cheating boyfriend test.

So before you consider having online psychic readings ...

Lets look at, some of the signs he is cheating.



One of the first things that you will notice if a boyfriend is cheating on you, is the sudden inevitable changes that will come, in his personality.

If his complete focus is not upon you, and you only, you will be able to tell.

Everything starts with his attitude and his behavior towards you, so we must start there to look for the signs that he is cheating on you.

He will become less affectionate, towards you, seem more uninterested in you, and with this, you will notice a switch, to him becoming more distant.

There will also be a significant drop in his interest levels of intimacy with you personally.

You may notice he touches you less, and kisses you less.

That does not mean he will never want to be intimate.

You will see the pattern change however, there will be a distinct difference.

A person who is lying to you can say absolutely anything, to try and convince you otherwise, but the actual behavior changes, with the way that the person is truly thinking.

It is therefore a given, that his actions will speak far louder to you, than any of his words at this time.

His body language will change too, with him not being able to look you in the eyes, when he is lying about something. It is an accepted silent clue, of someone who is being dishonest, yet the most experienced cheater, could well look you, straight in the eyes!

If he is making something up, watch for his eyes to travel to his top right when talking.

If he is thinking back to his past, watch for his eyes to go to his left when talking.

distant behavior of a boyfriend who is cheating
A boyfriend who is cheating, can suddenly become more distant with you.


So you have met this guy, and you may have even done the ultimate deed.

In fact most guys who are cheating will be quite quick to want intimacy.

It is what they are used to. Often with more than one person.

You may have felt you met someone really special, and then excitedly logged back into the dating site, to close your account, and found that he is still active on there.

To your horror and surprise, he quickly makes the declaration, that he is not looking for anything too heavy or serious, or that he really does not want to be in a relationship.

The other common statement often made by the cheating boyfriend, is that he does not want to rush things.

In the many psychic phone readings that I have done over the years, the most common thing I have seen, in the boyfriend who is cheating scenario, is a lack of commitment, to being in an official, exclusive relationship.

This can be a genuine fear of commitment, but often it is not.

woman finds her boyfriend on a dating site
His refusal to close his dating site account, could be a sign of him cheating.


You call him, and he is unavailable. You leave a message. You call him again, and again.

There is no answer.

You do not want to seem needy or desperate, so you send a text message.

There is no answer.

You assume he is busy with his work, and making him an excuse again, you email him.

There is no answer.

You find it strange, as when he is with you, he never leaves his phone far away from him, but then it clicks, that his phone must always be switched off, or on silent, as it has never rung around you either.

He constantly disappears without any trace, and you can never get hold of him, when you want to.

He is unavailable all the time.

Until it suits him of course.

the unavailable cheating boyfriend phone always switched off
You can never get hold of him when you want to. This could be a sign of the cheating boyfriend.


If you have not been called a stalker, possessive, or even been blocked by him yet, for asking him some very sensible questions, it pays for you to keep an eye on his social media accounts.

Many times the boyfriend who is cheating will say, that he does not use this or that social media platform, only for his concerned girlfriend, to find multiple accounts, filled with photos of him with random females.

Maybe you are even one of the girls, who has thought about adding his extra accounts to catch him out.

cheating boyfriends can have many random female friends
Be wary of his rapidly growing female friends, on social media platforms.


It is a well known fact that we all behave and act differently when we are single, or feel like we wish to attract the attention of a new sexual or intimate partner.

They say when we are happy and content, some of us are more inclined to let go of ourselves a little bit more, and not pay so much attention to our personal looks or appearance.

The primitive instincts of the mating game are very much evident however, in the boyfriend who is cheating on you.

The boyfriend who is cheating will often be seen to do many of the following things.

Haircuts - This is of paramount importance to the guy who is trying to attract new women.

Shoes - Cheaters know that shoes, are one of the first things women look at in a man.

Aftershave - Fragrance will be very important to the cheating boyfriend.

Spending - Over the top or unexplained spending on these things is also common.

cheating boyfriend paying close attention to his appearance
Is he paying a lot of attention to the way he looks and smells. He could be cheating on you.


The last thing that the cheating boyfriend wants to do, is to be caught or exposed as a cheat.

If he is indeed a player he does not want you to stop him, from playing the game he loves to play.

The common thing for him to do, if he senses that you are on to him, is turn the whole thing around on you.

He may become aggressive towards you psychologically, to cover his errors.

This is often done in the form of telling you, that you do not trust him, or that you are paranoid for no reason at all.

He may even try to convince you, before you go to bed together, that this is all in your head.

But is it ........

boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend by text
He says you do not trust him. It is all in your head. But is it ....

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Mike Blonde

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Catherine Whittaker
Catherine Whittaker

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Carol Eardley
Carol Eardley

Happy Valentine's day everyone. Read your article the other day about is my boyfriend cheating on made me laugh...all the signs are there that that my friends fella is cheating on her...he's totally distanced himself from her this last week...liking female friends profile pics but not hers...not wanting to commit to anything serious when it boils down to it...he's a slimeball and she's got rid. She's worth more than him and deserves far better.

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