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Are Soulmates Real? 6 Things You Need To Know.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

You have met what feels like the absolute love of your life. You have so much in common. You cannot bear to be apart, or not have contact, or communication, for any length of time. You are overwhelmed by the connection that you feel, and you have even started to think and believe, that you must be soulmates.

are soulmates real
What is a soulmate, and are they real?

It is true that many people, falsely believe, that they have met their soulmate.

It is also true, that those who have, actually met their soulmate, do not realize, that they have done so.

So what are the signs of a true soulmate?

What is a soulmate connection?

Lets look at some soulmate signs.



The very words " Soul " and " Mates " give us a very clear sign, that soulmates, are not as we tend to think they are.

We get carried away in our very physical lives, with passion, intimacy and the idolization of a romantic partner.

As humans, we are very clever, at making everything perfect in our minds, and it is very common, for many partners, husbands or wives, to mistakenly believe, and convince themselves, that they are in the soulmate scenario.

It is possible yes, but the fact, is that a soulmate, in reality, is a " mate " or " friend " of your soul.

signs of a true soulmate
The signs of a true soulmate connection, may shock you.


Being with your soulmate, is often believed to to be, a relationship or marriage of complete bliss.

Well let's be very clear about it, life is never a bed of roses, and in fact a true soulmate connection, does not normally reflect this belief.

The challenges that arise in the soulmate scenario, will in fact, often look very much different to a happy, settled, and contented life.

It is very much worth noting, that a lot of people, who are with their true soulmate, or have met them, will actually feel unhappy, and they often walk away from that situation, not knowing, that they are doing so.

It is actually more likely, that tears and struggles, will result from the real soulmate connections.

A soulmate connection does not always bring you happiness.


It would help most people to know, that we are actually spiritual beings, having a human experience.

Many people ask what their life is all about, and it would help to explain it in a simple way.

Life upon the earth, can be likened to being at a school. Yes a school for our souls.

This is an integral part of the teachings of spiritualism.

In fact one of the seven principles of spiritualism state there is eternal progress open to every human soul.

Did you spot the importance there?

The words eternal, progress and soul.

A soulmate is therefore, a mate to our soul, who helps our soul to progress and develop.

The things we need to learn, are not always easy, and not always things, that we would choose to learn.

It can even be extremely painful to be with a soulmate.

It is all about the eternal progress, and lessons, lessons and lessons.

soulmate signs
Lessons, lessons lessons. The true soulmate signs.


A question that is often asked is, are soulmates forever. A life partner is much more likely to be with you, for the rest of your physical life, than a soulmate.

It is worth remembering that the soulmate is more like the teacher, who comes to deliver a certain lesson when required.

Destiny and fate, including karmic law, will bring the soulmate to you, exactly at the time the soulmate is supposed to be there.

A soulmate brings to you what your soul needs, and not what you feel, you desire or want.

You have the gift of freewill to choose your life partner.

A soulmate can be a life partner too, but it is a very rare occurrence.

A soulmate is not simply picked by you, because you feel, that they are your perfect soulmate.

Remember that a soulmate, is not always the romantic partner in your life, and they actually come to develop your soul.

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soulmate or life partner are soulmates forever
Soulmate or life partner, are soulmates forever?


The word soulmate, often conjures up, great images, of an amazing and powerful romantic love scenario.

This poses a very interesting question.

Do soulmates have to be romantic, or can soulmates be friends?

Does it have to be an intimate or sexual relationship, or can soulmates be platonic?

It is actually far more likely, for an unidentified soulmate, to come in the form of a friend, relative, or someone else we know, rather than a lifetime partner.

A soulmate may come in the form of a sexual partner, or romantic connection, but often there is a powerful lesson to learn from this attachment, or relationship.

Remember our own ideas of a romantic soulmate, being wonderful and perfect, are not normally the reality of what is actually going on.

The signs of a true soulmate connection, will come in the form, of someone, who is helping you to develop and grow.

It may even seem, that you do not always get along with this friend.

They even, may not agree with your views and ideas.

They may be very challenging towards you, or difficult to get on with.

The point, is that they are helping you, to progress on a spiritual level.

The progress is being helped by a mate of your soul, or soulmate.

do soulmates have to be romantic can soulmates be friends
Do soulmates have to be romantic, or can soulmates be friends?


Sadly over the years, I have spoken to many thousands of people, who have been left disappointed and upset, after seeking the advice, of so called soulmate psychic readers.

The promise, that they were with, their one and only lifetime partner, and being told that they were soulmates, seems to have been a misleading and very common theme.

Over and over I have heard the phrase, a psychic told me he was my soulmate.

The question to be addressed is, can a psychic tell you who your soulmate is?

We must realize and accept that soulmate recognition is not easy.

It is possible, when you chat with a psychic, for them to see the possibility, of a soulmate connection.

I would be very cautious, of seeing your own views and ideas, of a what a soulmate is in a reading, instead of what is really going on.

It is possible of course, for the psychic to see the life lessons, that are going on around you, which are often being delivered, by an unidentified soulmate, as we have already discussed.

Please remember, that although a soulmate is a very powerful connection, it is not always what you, have believed it to be.

soulmate psychic reading can a psychic tell you who your soulmate is
Soulmate psychic reading. Can a psychic tell you who your soulmate is?

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