Mediumship Dont Shoot The Messenger

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

When people choose, or decide, to go and get a mediumship sitting, they often have their own agenda in mind.

Many will go to see a medium, with the idea, that a certain person who has passed away, will simply, be called upon, by the medium, and will then come forward., from the Spirit World.

You may have lots of questions to ask a medium.


mediumship sittings don't shoot the messenger
A mediumship reading, might not actually be, what you expect.

When we feel, like we have lost someone special to us, it is very natural for us, to want to connect with that specific person.

We have the desire to know, not only that they are okay, but that they are still with us, and indeed, very much around us.

Whilst many mediums, may give you certainty, of making such a connection, or a guarantee, that they can communicate with your loved ones, it is important to realize, that it actually, does not work like that.

In fact a genuine medium will tell you, that there are no guarantee's at all of such promises.

Whilst you can be sure that your loved ones, are very much with you, and around you, it is sensible to note, and accept, that each attempt, at making such a connection, should be seen, as a spiritual experiment.