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Mediumship Dont Shoot The Messenger

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

When people choose, or decide, to go and get a mediumship sitting, they often have their own agenda in mind.

Many will go to see a medium, with the idea, that a certain person who has passed away, will simply, be called upon, by the medium, and will then come forward., from the Spirit World.

You may have lots of questions to ask a medium.


mediumship sittings don't shoot the messenger
A mediumship reading, might not actually be, what you expect.

When we feel, like we have lost someone special to us, it is very natural for us, to want to connect with that specific person.

We have the desire to know, not only that they are okay, but that they are still with us, and indeed, very much around us.

Whilst many mediums, may give you certainty, of making such a connection, or a guarantee, that they can communicate with your loved ones, it is important to realize, that it actually, does not work like that.

In fact a genuine medium will tell you, that there are no guarantee's at all of such promises.

Whilst you can be sure that your loved ones, are very much with you, and around you, it is sensible to note, and accept, that each attempt, at making such a connection, should be seen, as a spiritual experiment.

Many people are not clear, on the differences, between a psychic, and a medium.

There is actually, quite a significant difference between the two, and how they work.

So let us look at what to expect when seeing a medium.

It is important firstly to look at the following questions.

Lets examine and ask, how do mediums get their information, and what are medium readings?

Authentic mediumship involves channeling spirit guides, and channeling spirits.

This means that any information, that is being passed to you, is coming from the Spirit World, through the chosen medium, before being relayed to you.

The medium is therefore, a channel in the middle. They do not simply, call up the person you wish to communicate with on demand.

Those in the Spirit World, come through, when they choose to. They are not summoned to appear as and when someone visits a medium, wanting to make contact.

However those in the Spirit World, are often aware that you are planning to visit, or speak with a medium, long before you are !

I am often given messages, on my way to a Spiritualist Church, hours before the event or evening is due to begin.

The Spirit that comes through, is often not the person, that you are expecting, or hoping to hear from.

Often people can be disappointed, because a certain relative did not show up, during the session.

My advice is be grateful, for any spirit, that has made the effort to connect with you. Sometimes you may not have got along, with the spirit, who is coming through to you.

Many times the receiver, of a message, can be quite upset or angry, that a particular Spirit, has chosen to make contact, during a sitting.

It can often be quite sad, and emotional, in these circumstances.

It is worth remembering that, when they get into the Spirit World, more often than not, they see things much differently, to when they were here.

Often they are, apologetic, or saying, how they now wish, and realize, that things had been much different.

Often the person receiving the message, accepts the apology, and finds that this, has a great healing, or calming effect, on the way they had, previously been feeling about the situation.

I also get asked a lot, how long should you wait to see a medium, after a loved one has passed away?

Spirit can connect with you from the afterlife, within hours, and I have seen it happen often. I remember very well, when a young father, returned to communicate, in my office, with his wife and young child, just two days, after he had passed away very tragically.

People often ask, what are good questions to ask a medium about a loved one?


Let the medium give you the information, that those in the Spirit World, want you to receive.

This way you receive the intended message.

Sometimes people visiting a medium, will ask, should I see a psychic?

The purpose of a medium, is to provide you without any doubt, evidence of survival, beyond the physical death.

This can indeed include loved ones, who are very much alive in the Spirit World.

To focus on specific life questions, that require immediate intuitive guidance, such as love and relationship dilemmas, or career moves, people will often find that they benefit more, from services such as psychic phone readings.

That is not to say of course, that those in the Spirit World, are not aware of the things going on in our lives, as they are, and very much so.

Remember though, if you are looking for psychic answers, then the experience that you get from visiting a medium, is not necessarily, going to be, the one that you expect.

Never tell a medium, who it is, that you are wanting to make contact with, in the Spirit World.

Remember always, that it is the job of the medium, to be giving you this information, and never the other way around.

It is much more rewarding for you, if the medium is able to identify, who is trying to get a message to you.

It can actually frustrate a medium, if you start giving them the information, that they are just about to give to you.

It spoils the process for you both. Try to let the medium do their work naturally. It will make for a much better experience for you.

The message that you receive from a medium, will be the message, that Spirit want you to hear. It will also come from the Spirit, who is wanting you to hear it.

It may even be from a distant relative, that you have never heard of, or even met.

You have to understand that, it may not be, what you want to hear, or to your liking.

Please have respect for the Spirit World, and the medium, and always remember.

Don't shoot the messenger.

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