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Men ! 5 Easy Tips to Spot a Real Emotional Connection

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Men ! 5 Easy Tips to Spot a Real Emotional Connection 

How to Know If a Man Has a Real Emotional Connection
Your Man. Does He Have a Real Emotional Connection?

I have provided, psychic readings by phone for over 15 years, giving guidance and insight, into the feeling and emotions, of many men.

What do they really want? What are they really thinking? How do they really feel?

These are the questions, that I get asked in my work, every single day. 

They all come from people, wanting to know the same thing.

Does This Man Have a Real Emotional Connection With Me or Not?

Before we look at the things, that indicate a genuine emotional connection, it might help, to look at the things, that are often, misinterpreted to be one. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • We Have So Much in Common 

  • I Never Felt Like This Before 

  • The Sex is Amazing 

  • He is Everything I Ever Wanted

  • I Can't Stop Thinking of Him 

  • My Family Like Him So Much

Stop ! Please read them again. 

Can you see that actually, these things, do not, on their own, indicate that he is feeling the emotional connection. 

There may indeed, be an emotional connection, but we must realize, that these things, are more about what we are feeling ourselves. 

It is very easy to get excited, and become carried away, with our own ideas, of the perfect scenario, that we believe is happening. 

If the thoughts you are having, are more about how you are feeling, let's take a look at the bigger picture. 

When we do this we can really start to see, some of the signs, that something deeper is happening. 

5 Easy Tips to Spot a Real Emotional Connection With a Man 

  1. Contact. No Pressure.

  2. Let's Get Personal. 

  3. Its About You. 

  4. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

  5. Be Yourself. 

Contact. No Pressure. 

One of the first signs, a man has an emotional connection with you, will be that he makes frequent contact with you. You will not be chasing him all the time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he will be thinking about you regularly.

This will manifest in him, and he will make contact with you, to show that he needs the connection, and that he is actually missing you. 

When it comes to intimacy and sex, it should be a natural thing. A guy with a real emotional connection to you, will not just be interested in intimacy, all the time. You should certainly not be feeling the pressure, to have sex all the time, to keep hold of the guy. 

Let's Get Personal.

A good sign that a man is developing a real emotional connection, or bond with you, will come in the form of trust. You will notice that he, becomes able to open up to you, about the more personal things in his life. 

When he starts to share the more personal things with you, it is a sure sign, that he is becoming closer to you, and able to discuss things with you, that he does not share with everyone. 

It's About You. 

When a real emotional connection, is felt by a man towards you, it becomes much more obvious. He will show a much deeper interest in you, and the events, that are happening in your life.

When you have concerns, or worries, he will take an interest in these things. 

He will demonstrate very clearly, that he is interested in the things, that you are being affected by.

He will not be thinking of himself all the time, when you meet.

The conversations, and interactions, should be balanced, with him showing genuine interest, in your life, and events. 

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. 

The guy who has, the genuine emotional connection to you, will not only be there for the good times.

There will be bad times, as there are, in any relationship. In fact it is in the darker times, that the real emotional connection, will be shown.

There will be a clear demonstration of his support for you, when the going gets tough. 

When things in life turn sour, present a tough challenge, or turn ugly, he will be there standing by your side. 

Be aware of the guy who only ever shows up for the good times. 

Be Yourself.

If you are with a guy, who has a real emotional connection with you, you will not feel, that you have to change the person, that you truly are. 

If there is a real connection, and the guy loves you, he will feel, what he is feeling, naturally. 

You should always be yourself, and never feel, that you have to change, the person, that you are, in order for someone, to feel a real connection with you.

If you do not create this connection naturally in them, by being yourself, then the chances are very strong, that they really are not, the right person for you, who will end up making you as happy, as you imagine they will.


So, can psychics predict future relationships, and the likely outcome of them for you?

Can they actually tell you, if there is a genuine, or real emotional connection, being felt by the man, you are with, or interested in being with?

Can they predict the future path of love, between you and someone else?

Genuine, authentic phone psychics, are extremely intuitive, and can certainly provide you, with very good insight, into the real thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are taking place, within a person, that you are in, or want to be in a relationship with.

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