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Gay Pride. Religion and Sexual Choices.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

True love is an emotion. It is something that we feel. We know how important it is to us. It is at the very centre of our individuality. It is a big part of what makes us who we are. So what about religion and how it influences or effects our sexual orientation and choices?

Natural way of love? Ultimate sin? How does religion shape our sexual choices?

As you read this article, there are hundreds of thousands of people, on our planet, that are scared to express their own sexual identity.

They live their life in fear of judgement.

In many areas of society, there still exists a judgement, that the true love they feel, is the ultimate sin.

In some countries in our world, people like you and me, are abandoned, turned away by their loved ones and families, and even physically tortured, due to the natural choice of love they have made.

In my work as an Ordained Minister, and serving Spiritualist Church Medium, I still get calls from people, who will say to me, " I am gay, I hope that does not cause you a problem "

It saddens me. I hear it all too often, and this is a very painful thing for me to hear.

It is totally unacceptable, that anyone should have to justify, their feelings of natural love for another, simply because of their gender being the same.

We are granted free will, by the Great Spirit. Free will is a divine law.

We are all, granted with this gift, to make our own decisions and choices.

I have provided psychic phone readings, to almost every type of person, that you can conjure up in your mind. They include the gay, bisexual, and transgender types.

We are all children, progressing in a universe, that needs so much love.

We should not try to switch off the lighthouse of love, that shines so bright in a life.

Love is the most powerful thing.

It represents who we are. It sits at the very heart of our being.

Be proud to be whoever you are.

Be proud to love, whoever you may love.

Love is divine.

It represents our connection to each other.

It represents our connection, to the Great Spirit itself.

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