Should You Listen To Your Heart?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Should you listen to your heart? Should you follow your heart? Sometimes following your heart in love can lead to a lot of disappointment, and upset. Is it time to think with your head and not your heart?

listen to your heart
Should you listen to your heart? Is it time to think with your head and not your heart?

Listen to your heart not your head may seem like good advice. Is it not also true however, that we tend to do the things, that make us feel good in the short term.

As humans, we experience emotions, on a very deep and meaningful level, but we are also known, and often, for making the wrong choices, by following those emotions.

It goes without saying that we experience clouded emotions and the decisions that we end up making, are the result of an emotional judgement rather than a well thought out one.

So we are left with the question of, how to make the right decision in love?

How to make the right decision about a relationship is a serious thing.

Deciding whether to leave a relationship is going to bring a change to your life, regardless of which way you decide.

It may be that you are deciding to stay in the relationship, and wish to learn how to reduce conflict in a relationship.

Conflict in relationships can be caused by many issues including money, family, intimacy concerns and the way that you both interact with one another.

In my many years, providing psychic readings by phone, I have found that the importance of communication in love and relationships is the most common type of issue that is faced.

I have often been faced with the scenario, of whether it is better, to follow heart or mind when it comes to love.

In a situation where people are single they often ask things like, where will i meet the love of my life? Can you tell me how to find true love in life? How can I attract a man? I think I met the love of my life, or how can I attract true love?

Meeting the love of your life for the first time will be different for everyone.

Finding the love you want begins with you.

Finding love within yourself is very important.