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Is It Bad Luck To Spill Salt?

UK Celebrity Psychic Medium

Peter Doswell

is it bad luck to spill salt


Is It Bad Luck To Spill Salt? 



I once knew a very sweet old lady, who would go nuts if anyone would spill salt. 


She would shout out, " now look what you have done, that's bad luck ". 


Let's look at some of the facts about salt. 


Salt is known to be one of the most healing properties in the world, in fact salt water is suggested by professionals as a remedy for many minor ailments. 


Salt is used in IV fluids to re-hydrate the body. 


In the early nineteenth century salt was used to preserve life itself. 


It is not true that the Romans were actually paid their wages in salt, however they spent all of their income on buying salt, as it was so valuable at the time. 


During periods of history salt was even referred to as white gold. 


There have been civil war battles over salt. 


As humans we cannot survive without salt. 


The weight of all sea water in the oceans is around 3.5 % salt. 


Salt is used to bless houses, and is even rumored to ward off evil. 


This is accepted in many religions. 



Where Does The Superstition Come From? 


It is rumored that at the last supper salt was spilled at the table 


After this people began to believe that it was bad luck to spill salt


It was even taken a step further with the belief, that to throw salt over the left shoulder would blind the devil, and even prevent any bad luck that would follow after spilling the salt. 



Salt Is Essential In Life Respect It 


So is it bad luck to spill salt? 


It is important to respect something that is important. 


We should value what comes from our earth, and all of her precious commodities. 


The old lady may well have been on to something.

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