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Tarot Cards The Devil

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Peter Doswell

Tarot Card Meanings

tarot cards the devil

When we look at the meanings of the tarot cards the devil can represent a very tricky situation.

In fact this is the card that represents temptation at it's finest. 

We all know that the things that are bad for us, probably appear to be the best. 

There is often a great desire and pull towards the things that are not very good for us. 

This can often be in the passion, love and intimate connections. 

The question of whether we are being strung along, or led up the garden path by someone, should be thought about before we agree to walk down the garden with them in the first place. 

Manipulation can also be a very big risk with this card. 

Often someone maybe trying to control you, or convince you to be doing something. 

There will be decisions that have to be made between what is good for you, and what is not.


The question rises over whether you can turn down the things that you know deep down are not in your best interests. 


Look around at what is really going on at this time. 

Who seems too good to be true?

Who is the wolf in the sheep's clothing? 

Who has been lying or making up excuses? 

Tarot Tip 

Do not be as pushy as the devil in the tarot card reading., with your enquirer. 

Trying to convince someone, that something is bad for them is very tricky indeed. 

The card can be a sign someone who is cheating, or having a potential affair. 

* In tarot cards the devil can have more significant meanings, when the combination of other cards are taken into account during the reading. 

Other Tarot Card Meanings 

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