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Tarot Cards The Fool

UK Celebrity Psychic Medium

Peter Doswell

Tarot Card Meanings 

tarot cards the fool

When we look at the meanings of the tarot cards the fool is a fantastic place to start.


In fact it is the card that represents a new beginning, or a fresh start, in the life of the person seeking the answers. 

We can all be foolish in the sense of not listening to others who know better. 

We tend to think that we know what is good for us and go rushing off into things without actually looking at exactly what lies ahead of us. 

It is also a card that shows us taking unnecessary risks.

Of course there is a always a good friend or person trying to show us that we are doing so. 

We end up making some silly mistake, and we end up looking foolish. 

It reminds me of being a teenager, packing my bags thinking I could rule the world. 

It can indicate that a short lived journey could be made in haste. 

Returning to the roots looks most likely, as we quickly realize that the grass is not too green on the other side, as we may have believed. 

Everything can seem very bright and happy to the fool, which is very nice, unless of course there is a storm brewing, without the realization, that a simple check of the weather forecast, could have saved them from the unpleasant experience.

It is a time to be wise, and not foolish. 

Hasty decision can lead to some big mistakes. 

Think before you speak too. 

The fool can say too much without thinking. 

Tarot Tip  


Place the fool tarot card at the bottom of your tarot deck before reading for each individual.


It allows the very meaning of the card to be activated before every new tarot card reading begins. 

It after all does represent, a new beginning. 


* In tarot cards the fool can have more significant meanings, when the combination of other cards are taken into account during the reading. 


Other Tarot Card Meanings 

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